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New Chrome feature will reduce memory usage in Windows

It is widely known that Chrome can be a demanding browser that eats up a large portion of your computer’s memory, not least if you use extensions or like to have many tabs open at the same time.

Google is now testing a new feature in Canary, Google’s experimental trial version of Chrome, which will make the browser use less memory according to Windows Latest.

Currently, Google Chrome has a feature that turns off unused tabs for a while to prevent them from consuming memory and lowering performance unnecessarily. Now Google wants to improve the feature with something called “tab freezing” that allows users to set how tab management should work and when a tab should be turned off. Something similar to The great suspender addon.

Currently, Canary allows you to use tab freezing as follows 1) Allow 2) Allow – Do Not Freeze 3) Allow Freeze – Remove Freezing 10 seconds every 15 minutes and 4) Turn off. Windows Latest estimates that the new feature could appear in the standard version of Chrome later this year.

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