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Must Have Browser Extensions for 2021

Many of us have spent a lot more time at home this past year with the potential to be spending a more permanent schedule at home too with remote working and organising your daily browser to perform better can certainly help your daily work life, but also keep your casual use of the browser after work more streamlined too. But which are some of the must have browser extensions, and how can they help improve your day?

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Password managers have become essential – There are a huge number of password managers out there, some of the favourites like Bitwarden, LastPass, and 1Password have become the go-to and each offer their own browser extensions too. Not only do they all have a built-in password generator to help you get secure passwords, but also offer organisational benefits too as you can store passwords for work, passwords for personal use, and others and keep them all separated so you can keep track of when and where each password and login credential is used. Many of the biggest password managers are available across multiple platforms too, so if you have one set-up for your PC, you can use the same information for your mobile device too and gain all of the benefits there too. They’ve become so heavily recommended that some of the favourite choices have free options, but the paid options don’t exactly break the bank either if you’re looking to get the premium features too.

If you like to order, Honey is great – Although well-known at this point, Honey has become a bit of an online lifehack for those in the know. Any time you go to a website where you have to make a purchase, it automatically tries a number of different promotional codes to try and get you a discount – it works for a huge number of sites from online shopping at the likes of Amazon, even through to online gaming sites as some operators like CNOG offer promotional bonuses for their online gambling services too – given it’s an install and forget about extension that can save you hundreds over the course of a year, it seems silly not to try it out and discover where free savings can be found to be spent elsewhere.

If you work with images, make sure to try TinEye – If you do any work that relies on using imagery, TinEye has become the go to for finding the original sourcing of imagery – simply right click on a photo with the extension installed and you can complete a reverse image search for the original piece for attribution. It’s a very easy to use extension, and although has a rather niche use can certainly help you find many more image results and the originals too if needed and does its purpose very well.

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