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Google Chrome Extensions Aimed At Bringing A Smile To Your Face

Google Chrome extensions are often focused on improving productivity, finding shortcuts to tasks, assisting in work requirements, and generally improving your success in whatever you are doing. However, we must remember that there are also many extensions that, just like bingo for real money are focused on fun!

These Google Chrome extensions are easily installed on your Chrome web browser and are a perfect distraction when you are needing something to entertain your mind in those free moments of your day. The following are some of the Google Chrome extensions that are coming up as most popular or highly recommended and may certainly be worth trying out.

Boxel Rebound

In this extension, players are met with a range of box jumping challenges and general madness as you try to complete each level. There are more than 50 levels on offer, each one increasing in difficulty, and hence increasing levels of challenge. It also offers a feature where you can design your own game levels, and then share these for other players to try and experience. Great fun is on offer in this extension.

Cute Cursors

The Cute Cursors extension allows you to replace the standard mouse pointer with something a bit more interesting. There are loads of options available, ranging from cute, to trendy, and of course a range of funny options as well. Changing the actual cursor is easy, so simple in fact that you can have a new cursor every day. While this isn’t a game as such, it does add a bit of interest to your computer screen and brings a little reason to smile when you are trying to get through lots of work on your computer.

Meow, The Cat Pat

Meow, The Cat Pet Google Chrome extension does one thing. But this one thing is sure to bring a smile to any face. This extension brings to life a virtual cat, which appears on your screen as a virtual pet. The cat walks around your screen the whole day, doing a range of different things from time to time. So all the while you are on Chrome, or browsing the web in various tabs, this feline will be moving around your screen, keeping a close eye on you, and of course napping from time to time!

Piggybank Money Clicker

This is a mini game aimed at idle minds and idle hands. This is a cash clicker game, which will easily keep you entertained in those moments you become bored. The aim of the game is to move from a poor pig and become a money rain maker. The instructions are easy to figure out as you go along – just take the step to install this Google Chrome extension, and the rest will take care of itself. This game can be highly addictive, so beware if you have a looming deadline. It’s lots of fun!

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Google Chrome extensions that are aimed at fun. Have a look at the list of extensions offered by Google, and there will likely be something that suits your passions.

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