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Chrome Extensions Focused Specifically On Images And Photos

There is no shortage of image editing programs, apps to edit your photos, and extensions to work on images, designs, and photos. This is great news for both professional and amateur photographers and designers.

The following Google Chrome Extensions are aimed primarily at working with photos. What is great about many of these extensions is that they focus or target specific things or specific needs that designers, bloggers, writers, and editors may have. These extensions will not do every single type of editing that may ever be needed, but rather focus on key areas, and in so doing up your productivity, and improve on the types of editing you can do.

Image Size info

The Image Size info extension works by simply inserting an option into the image menu, otherwise known as the context menu. This menu will show you certain key features about the image, such as its size, and dimensions in terms of width and height. This can be very useful when you are searching for an image to use in a specific context. This may be inserting it in a blog or web page or using it for some or other reason. These key features help to inform the user whether the image might be appropriate for its intended usage or not.


Unsplash, another top Google Chrome Extension, aims at improving the speed and ease at which a user can insert an image into a webpage or blog. The extension makes it easy to search for a particular image, and once found, with a few simple clicks, that image can be inserted into a webpage or blog without any hassle. A really useful extension to install.

Download All Images

Aimed at bulk downloads, this Download All Images extension helps you to download all the images that are open in an active tab. With just a simple click that you’d use to download a mobile pokies app, the photos or images are downloaded onto your device as a zip file, instantly compressing them, and making the folder ready to email. To use the images, it’s simple to unzip the folder, and then have access to a folder of those images and photos. This takes away so much of the hard work of downloading images one by one, which can be incredibly time consuming.

CC Search

The CC Search Extension is an incredible tool. This extension allows you to focus your image search on images or photographs that are in the public domain, or that fall under the Creative Commons License. This means that these images can be used more easily, and as such can be used on many websites, blogspots, or for other design work.

At times the rights of the images need to be checked, but this extension does much of this hard work, searching for and displaying images that fall under these licenses. Being a blogger, web designer, writer, editor, or creator will often mean that you need to find content that can be used. In many cases this includes images that have rights allowing the use of the photos. The manual process of finding them can be time consuming, and this extension is a great shortcut.

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