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Best Google Chrome Add-Ons in 2021

Chrome is quite easily the most popular internet browser on the market due to the benefit that it poses to the consumer with it’s fast loading times and simplistic design making it so popular. However, one of the most impressive features about Chrome the add on extensions that it offers for all users which will give you all new functions and abilities whilst using the browser and will really enhance how you surf the internet and so we thought we’d investigate some of the most popular Chrome extensions on the market right now.

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Google add-ons have only become available to the market due to the rapid rise in technology shown in recent times, and other industries have also been able to benefit from this including online casinos like these sites not blocked by gamstop. They are able to showcase some of the best casino games on the non-gamstop market and are currently enticing in new customers through their impressive promotional deals and sign up offers.

One of the best applications that we have seen in recent years has been that of LastPass, and due to the popularity of the app for smartphones, the developers have created a Chrome extension as well and is the perfect extension to keep all your passwords in one place and log you into all your accounts automatically. Due to the amount of logging in that we must do these days due to being in the digital age, LastPass ensures that you will never forget a password again and that you can log into an account in seconds due to this extension.

One extension that many of us have been crying out for, for some time now, is an application to be able to record our whole screen and the Full-Page Screen Capture is the perfect extension to capture your whole Chrome browser and the best thing is, that it’s totally free. This extension doesn’t require any expensive equipment, simply install it through the extension page, click the icon in your browser and will capture the whole of your screen effortlessly.

And finally, many of us use the app Evernote as our ultimate note taking application to read content that we have saved for later, and luckily Evernote have also created an extension for on Chrome so that you clip web pages, chunk of text and bookmark anything to ensure that you are able to read it later. This is very helpful for a lot of us if we are busy yet find something important that we are going to need later and certainly a must have.

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