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Best Chrome Extensions for Gamers

Google’s Chrome web browser is widely considered the number one choice for many internet users for a variety of different reasons, although there is no denying that the available extensions that can be simply downloaded and added helps it to rank highly.

Indeed, it could be argued that Chrome is a great resource for any casual web user, although there are a number of available extensions available that also makes it rather brilliant for those who continue to use it for their passion of gaming.

A host of different extensions can be downloaded in order to help enhance this passion to a new level, but which of them are considered to be the best and must-haves?


PanicButton is a great tool for anyone that might want to hide any of the activity that they are currently enjoying whilst sitting on their laptop. For instance, players might be enjoying a new online casino no deposit bonus on a device but may want to hide their activity at any moment, especially if someone comes over to them.

By clicking on the extension, PanicButton will simply hide all of the tabs of the web browser within a simple click and will then return each of them by clicking on the same button once the coast is clear. Indeed, the addon is free but one that can be highly effective.

Awesome Screenshot

Obtain a big win whilst playing at an online casino but want to take a picture of it and do not have your mobile device available or do not know how to take a screenshot via the buttons available on the keyboard? Well, Awesome Screenshot is the extension that you need!

Once this is downloaded to the web browser, players will simply be able to click on one button and it will instantly record what is being shown on screen immediately. Moreover, players can also add instant captions and descriptions, whilst also editing the photos to ensure that any details they do not want to be made available aren’t.

Cool Clock

We all know that it can be incredibly easy to get lost within a game when it is being played, thus making us all lose track of time. We have all been guilty of spending hours playing when we think it has only been a handful of minutes.

The Cool Clock extension is one that will provide those of us who lose track of time easily a resource that will make sure that we only spend as much time as desired. This is possible by the reminders that can be set, thus helping individuals to potentially stop before it is too late or ensuring that a positive gambling session is experienced.


Whilst there are so many different extensions available via the Google Web Store that have a positive impact for users, the three mentioned above can be argued to have the biggest impact for gamers, with each of them designed to help in a variety of different ways.

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