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Chrome Addon – ChromePass 14

Chrome Addon – ChromePass

ChromePass is a small password recovery tool that allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Google Chrome Web browser. For each password entry, the following information is displayed: Origin URL,...

Chrome Addon – Chrome Mailer 23

Chrome Addon – Chrome Mailer

open mailto: email links from Google Chrome in Google Mail account (now with Google Apps!) Google Chrome is the world’s most advanced browser, with many new technical features. We found one missing: we can’t...

Chrome Addon – TabsLock 16

Chrome Addon – TabsLock

TabsLock lets you use your Caps Lock key to launch and focus a new Google Chrome tab from anywhere, even if Chrome isn’t running. This allows low-thought, global keyboard access to web search and...

chrome-theme-go-green 52

Chrome Theme – Go Green

Author: Chromable Author Notes: A mix of green colors in a truly “Green” environment. This is a theme for all of you who care about our planet. Go Green! Download Chrome Theme – Go...

Chrome Theme – No Icons 16

Chrome Theme – No Icons

Author: M-WaR Author Notes: A stab at a Google Chrome theme without the icons on the bar. I could only fit 4 characters per button so… Download Chrome Theme – No Icons

Google Chrome – Mac V1.0 Theme 40

Google Chrome – Mac V1.0 Theme

HOW TO USE ============ 1. Im guessing you have downloaded the file, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this. 2. Extract the files from the archive using your own extraction tool. Ie: WinRAR 3. Go...

blurkMAC – Mac OS X Chrome Theme 19

blurkMAC – Mac OS X Chrome Theme

Info ┌ Color: White └ Current Version: 1.0 How to install On the start button >>> your name >>>> Organize >>>> Folder & Search Options >>>> Click the view tab >>>>>> Under hidden files...

Chrome Addon – Google Chrome Backup 55

Chrome Addon – Google Chrome Backup

Google Chrome (web browser) has just hit the world. Google Chrome backup is a small tool to create, backup, restore and manage Google Chrome profiles. The profile holds personal data like history, bookmarks, etc....