Making Google Chrome Remember Passwords

It happens very often that Google Chrome doesn’t prompt to save passwords, and eventually doesn’t remember the password when you revisit the login page. For example Facebook.

It can be annoying if you switched from Firefox because it remembered all passwords.

There are two methods to get around this.

1) Use the Autocomplete = on addon.

Are there some websites where the browser never prompts to remember your password? It might not be the browser’s fault — it could be the webpage telling the browser not to save the password. If you don’t like having to remember these or write them down, you can use this extension to allow the browser to save the password.

Download Autocomplete = on Chrome addon

2) If it doesn’t work, visit the login page using Firefox and enter your username and password. Firefox will save it. Now import Firefox passwords into Chrome.

Next time you visit the site using Google Chrome, It’ll remember the password and auto fill it for you.

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