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  • FERY

    That’s good theme

  • Ken

    Do not use this. I tried and then my tool bar thingy for Google chrome turned black and I couldn’t do anything. However the image looks really good nice job.

  • jonnypui

    mine just turned red. i had to download the original theme back for it to work. it is a different version. plz create an updated version for us plz.

  • mr t

    doesn’t work, my tab just turned red:/
    please do smth with it ;)

  • Gabriel

    you gotta be kidding me.. IE7 theme on Chrome?

  • Gonzo

    I cringe at the thought of IE. Yuck.

  • g7w

    Reg Cure [advertisement] image for a theme?


    You might want to check your images…

  • lala000

    How do i install this ?!
    thx for reply

  • ComJacker

    How do I install this theme?


    i m having google chrom’s 9th beta version..
    & der no such folder for theme on its path…
    dis chrom’s theme file extension is “.CRX”.
    pls tell me how can i convert dis DLL file in a CRX…
    if not..
    den pls provide us .CRX file..