Google Chrome – Mac V1.0 Theme

Google Chrome - Mac V1.0 Theme


1. Im guessing you have downloaded the file, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this.

2. Extract the files from the archive using your own extraction tool. Ie: WinRAR

3. Go to: (Replacing USERNAME with your username)
Vista – C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes
XP – C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\LocalSettings\AppData\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes

And backup your existing, Default.DLL file (Just incase anything goes wrong)

4. Copy over Default.DLL from your extracted files into your Themes folder

5. Open up Chrome and walla! You have a new theme installed.

6. Share with as many people as you may wish to do so!

Download Mac v1 Chrome Theme

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  • Jeramy

    I don’t have I have What should I do?

  • stickychrome

    Clean design, like the colors.

  • YourFrenchTeacher

    It’s voila, not walla

  • jiN

    There’s something wrong, I think. Chrome crashes after I replace the default.dll file with yours. My Chrome is ver though, could that be the problem?

  • Juan

    hola! esta muy bueno el tema, muchas gracias por compartirlo :D
    saludos desde Argentina, Buenos Aires :)

  • sploosh!

    why can’t i get “thorny” for vista?

  • jamespwns

    no folder! i cant install

  • MARK

    none of theses themes work on my chrome.. I’m sure I’ve got the right theme directory, but as soon as I try any other theme, when i open chrome I get a red bar and border, like the theme won’t work. The original works but none of these.. also I have version is there some way I can fix this?

  • Tyler

    hey i extracted it and everything but my browser remains the same. any suggestions?


  • Pirate

    what ?! it turns red when i install it !

    fucking bugs….

  • McHannuman

    Well this didnt work for me, i changed the dll. as instucted but the border came up RED and made the textual contents of the help file WHITE, so a big thumbs down form me , sorry chief.

  • pfft

    Don’t be a bitch FrenchTeacher.

  • root

    Doesn’t works with version.

  • Lu

    I don’t get it how do you download it?

  • Harry

    This theme needs to be updated with latest images from .dll file, and since chrome is still new the .dll file changes each release, so it would be better to wait untill chrome has a stable .dll file that won’t change and if it does it auto updates the images

  • Ashish

    mines doesn’t work.
    it turned red instead.
    and you can’t see the minimize, maximize and close buttons.

  • derbasco

    does not work in chrome

  • Remmi

    I got the red border bugg aswell..

  • Wordless

    That skin looks nice but it’s too old. My chrome version is

  • Xavs

    I really, really like the preview of this skin, but it’s outdated and no longer works. Any chance that it will be updated?

  • azmat

    my chrome ver: not work
    what a fuck

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  • http://akialitasfodido caralho

    chrome sucks like you guys on you mothers pussy!!!!!!!!1

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    BTW……… IM _NEVERGIVEUP_ Cock sukers!!!!

  • brad

    i am horny who wants to fuck me (GIRLS ONLY)

  • Nothin

    The Border Turns RED !!!! Why Does It Turn Red !!!!!!

  • umair

    sari ghatiya theman haaaaa appppp loagoooon ki kuch achi theme rakhaen

  • qjk

    Looks like shit. But then, so do most ripoffs of the OS X interface, compared to the real thing.

  • Chris

    Qu’est-ce sais “walla”?


  • sx

    fuck up! what is a password


    i love & like it

  • http://googlechrome shelby

    yeeeaaaa idk how to do nething on here its soooooo confusing!!!!!!

  • kaab irfan

    it’s simple but very nice.i like it.

  • Bernd

    i have a mac andt dont know how to install this??
    why is there a only a tutorial for windows.
    no one likes windows.

  • rahul

    not workin…make a instalation file plzz

  • akanksha khanna

    amazing background ……………………….
    or theme
    i <3 it :) :) B) ;)

  • akanksha khanna

    :) :|]

  • crazychinopr


  • zena

    i am so interested how this works… :)

  • Rockylifestyle

    how to download and how it works.