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  • Gaurang Shah

    I just downloaded the theme and changed my default.dll with the one provided by you and with shock when i open the browser i see everything has turned in red. I am using developer channel version

  • Rohit Kela

    I just downloaded the theme and changed my default.dll with the one provided by you and with shock when i open the browser i see everything has turned in red.

  • http://- Zeger van Pelt

    This skin isn’t good.
    When you’ve install the skin, everything turn red…
    Don’t install this skin, It would help a hope of trouble away..;)

  • dezrun

    i got a the same thing as everyone else…. fix it i want that firefox theme.

  • Confused one

    Why.. do you want chrome.. with a firefox theme..

    Instead of just using firefox?

  • Chrome

    Because Chrome runs much more efficiently in terms of process’ and child process’ etc. Even if something might be faster, Chrome is definitely the only (Windows based) Web Browser that is trying to change the way Browsers function for the benefit of the user.

    If a tab of Firefox or IE goes out of control and must be killed you have to kill the whole Firefox.exe/iexplorer.exe process and lose the whole browser, in Chrome you can kill just the tab that is not loading properly or being a memory suck.

    Something no one planned for when creating tabbed browsers.

  • Dan

    Only thing I like about Firefox that Google Chrome doesn’t have are add-ons like Rikaichan and Babelfish and such. If Google Chrome got these, I’d never use Firefox again.

  • brett

    the only thing i love about fire fox is the DownThenAll add-on. i use it all the time but i cant find anything even close to it on chrome!
    i really need a add-on like that

  • Mark

    i’ll be so happy if Google Chrome has DOWNLOAD ALL add ons like in firefox. but anyway Chrome is cool, i received multiple speeding tickets in the internet traffic. hahaha!

  • Em

    Why? WHY? Noooo, no, no,no. Ugly, old, and nasty.

  • Annu

    I want to know how to inatal this theam in my crome brousar.
    I download the dll fine and than what to do?
    Please help thank you!

  • Bill

    Why wouldn’t you just download Firefox?

  • cybersupam

    i bet Firefox is always the winner in browser category,..about GC i hate most is no menu bar as well as tab are on top which looks so awful.

    GC teams plz do something to compete with Firefox and IE.

  • peeku4

    the firefox is the king of all. And i am sure there are not any browser ever made to substitute firefox. but, the chrome is doing well and can be one of the best choice.

  • jeremy

    Im with you on that one cyber. I have been searchign for the past hour to try and get the damn tabs on the bottom and a menu bar. No luck. GRrrr

  • Milad

    Only FF !!!!!

  • Jim

    What I want is a bloody text string search function.

    I had it in firefox so that if you started to type, it automagically started searching for that text string. I want that bad enough I am considering going back to firefox.

  • sunsine

    Firefox is the best but it’s cutting my mobile internet connection frequently….. so back! to chrome…. Firefox is still the best for me.

  • Steven

    Haha, this theme is so strange. I like Firefox and Chrome both.

  • Rockylifestyle

    haha now I’ll use a google firefox :D

  • asdfg

    Wait, I’ll have a googlefox, LOL

  • Firefox

    I think it’s cool, I must try it before running out… Lol