Chrome Theme – No Icons

Chrome Theme - No Icons

Author: M-WaR

Author Notes: A stab at a Google Chrome theme without the icons on the bar. I could only fit 4 characters per button so…

Download Chrome Theme – No Icons

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  • http://N/A 2infinity

    Nice! :) Will get this skin when I get home ;)

  • crugone

    this one works better than Milk Theme
    I really like it !

  • rigo77

    I’ll try these themes.

  • Kaykas

    maybe it should have been “fwd” instead of “frw”

  • Pat

    Great themes thanks for sharing!

  • Chad

    Now can someone make it easier to do the opposite?
    By that I mean, I only like to have favicons on my favorites bar. Problem is, some sites don’t have favicons. Could someone come up with a chrome app similar to Firefox’s Favicon Picker?

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  • CJ

    I don’t get it, I can fit 18 bookmarks on my favorites bar…if you just use their avatars/icons. Just right click the bookmark, edit, remove the name/descript and you are left with only the site icon on the bar. Most are icons are recognizable like FB, Twitters. MSpace, YouTube, CNN, etc…your other individualized become familiar. I can probably add more if I actually removed the “other bookmarks” tab at the end of the favorites bar.

    (Sorry if this was obvious and basic for a lot of you reading my post but I come across a lot of browsers that have 4-6 bookmarks in this bar due to icon and descript….while observing the users using Pulldown menu from Bookmarks for their other most visited sites.(IE, Firefox) )

  • Moko

    Extracted file (FINALLY) comes up as default.dll file after extraction. No idea where to put that file to run skin. Suggestions?.

  • Moko

    Pasted under themes in version (45376). Doesn’t work….apparently.

  • ed maklouf

    You might want to use “FWD” instead of “FRW” for forward button.
    More widely understood i think.

    Great work – i will use it.

  • STJ

    It CRASHED our computers!
    C’on GOOGLE step up 2 the plate!

  • dts

    How to use it??

  • j g castillo

    This is something for my wish-list. I wish right clicking a tab would display “My Bookmarks” which would make the process of opening another site much more easier and faster.

  • klajess

    sucks a lot,when u hit the download file,nothin happens,exepta shit,lo,l ,u can DL the file as rar,but then a deafualt,cfg what efer comes up,useless to,learn to link DL ,that everyone can use it,stupid,

  • Rockylifestyle

    thanks I’ll try this one :)