Chrome Theme: Milk Mac OS X Theme

Chrome Theme: Milk Mac OS X Theme

Author: AndrewYY
Author Notes: Download the file (Milk.dll)

Open a new explorer window and paste this into the path:
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application

Double click on the version number (eg:

Double click on Themes

Rename Milk.dll (which you downloaded) into default.dll and replace the one found in the folder (remember to backup the original first):

Comment please

Download Chrome Theme: Milk Mac OS X Theme

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  • chrisberthe

    What a great and clean skin.

  • Scott

    yo do u need mac?? i like the skin and all but i have windows :(

  • Kenny

    Love it! It’s great! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • conorsulli

    you dont need a Mac , as chrome is still in development for mac/linux anyway.

  • Will

    For Vista:

    C:\Users\USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\

  • AndrewYY

    tsh, so this where everyone’s downloading from.

    AT LEAST NOTIFY ME IF YOU PUT IT UP! I was wondering how I kept getting hits on that…

    So yeah, there’s a new verson for newer versions of chrome (don’t know if it works with the latest) get it here:

  • Hilton

    Hello I think you have done a very nice job.

    Thank you from the Algarve in Portugal.

    P.S. Hey Google folks, how about when people use two words in the Ctrl+F function (Find on Page)in Chrome that a different color is displayed per word that is searched for and separated by a space? Would that be cool?

    I don’t see why not.. do you?


  • MarkR


    I can’t get it to work in new beta. Both files (original as well as AndrewYY’s one)
    Any chance a new version will be published?


  • AndrewYY

    please download the new one:

    it has all versions

  • Ashish

    i wanna use the milk one but when i download it.
    it opens up at a WinRar.
    and it has many types of Milk.dll,
    like…Milk 0.3-.dll.
    and many others like that.
    help please?
    contact me at
    just mail me or something thanks.

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  • Pierre

    doesn’t work with

  • BloughMee



  • meh

    crash, broken, crash, broken broken.

    Not a single one of the files worked – keep working on it though, it looks like it will be nice when it works right.

  • Wil C. Fry

    Nope, doesn’t work in Chrome version at all.

  • ICanRead

    Guys, before you start complaining about it not using, look at the version numer the author mentions….

    Yes. 0.2

    Pre-1.0, and friggin well Pre2.0

  • ICanRead

    “not working” i meant :O

  • http://link Merlin71

    One consideration with inline sixes and twelves is torsional vibration in the long crankshafts. ,

  • Juice

    It’s not working with the newer version of GC. v3.0.195.27 . it displays pictures from the skin screwed inside all the browser.

  • R.M.

    is it even possible to change close\minimize\resize buttons to left side in google chrome?

  • magi

    I have the same problem as Ashish. idk wha to do. Plus there is no 2.0 something on the %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application thing he said. its all 4.1 blah blah.

  • http://mychromeaddons aussiebob

    It’s too bloody white…

  • Steven

    The theme of your site just like a Chrome theme.

  • Rockylifestyle

    @steven…hehe ya agree with you buddy :D

  • chowk

    file not found :)

  • Rockylifestyle

    not so good :/

  • Jeramiah Bunktal

    This is a really beautiful theme. We’ve been creating Chrome themes lately and have some listed in our Gallery. They are more than just themes, as we create interactive themes with some major brands including web comics. I invite you to take a look and let us know what you think: