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  • MARK


    none of theses themes work on my chrome.. I think I’ve got the right theme directory, but as soon as I try any other theme, when i open chrome I get a red bar and border, like glitch. The original works but none of these.. I also have version is there some way I can fix this?

  • Walt

    I am getting the same as Mark. Will anyone chime in?

  • Jack

    Hey, anyone know when they are gonna make a video capture addon

  • rasmus

    yeah! i want the video capture as well. don’t want to use firefox for that all the time!

  • J

    Hey, does this theme work with glass?

  • Reiser

    What is this FileFront shite? Making me log in just to download a file!?

  • Reiser
  • Beppenemo

    It doesn’t work!

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  • Gabriel

    you gotta be kidding me…….

  • Tiffer9000

    File no longer there need a new link

  • Mike

    Can someone post an alternate link. I really want that theme yet I can’t find anywhere else to download it and, as tiffer9000 mentioned, the link is dead.

  • ChromeCurious

    Why post expiring links at filehost sites to begin with? Would be great if someone posted a secure download link for it. Thanks.

  • Romeo7d9

    just everybody just shaddap already