Chrome Addon: TabJump – An intelligent tab manager

Chrome Addon: TabJump

Chrome Addon: TabJump

Does this scenario look familiar?

You start your browsing session, and start opening your favorite sites in separate tabs, then you come across new interesting links that you open into new tabs.

You have a big stack of tabs sitting in your browser before you know it, and you feel completely lost.

This is where TabJump comes in. TabJump is a Google Chrome tab manager / navigator. It lets you quickly jump to most used tabs, related tabs to your current tab and much more.

Here are main features at a glance:

- Jump to frequently used tabs
– Jump to related tabs (tabs from the same site, etc)
– Restore recently closed tabs
– Lock a tab to prevent accidental closing (only work for tabs loaded after TabJump is installed)

Download and install Chrome addon TabJump here

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  • Joseph

    It’s “An intelligent browser” just to let you know.

  • Joseph correction

    *”An intelligent tab manager”

  • Marco

    It’s great, the name is tacky tho.

  • GGbro.

    Did anyone else find the irony of using “A intelligent tab manager” as a name, hilarious?

  • Noah

    chrome needs to make some thing like firefox’s multi links because I would use it all the time.

  • Rick

    I am a heavy duty Chrome user. Just featured your site on

    Keep up the great work. Will be following your blog.

    Rick (

  • ndrew

    what a great addons..
    I should try this..

  • Adison

    I’d like to hear from you.

    Tweak the listing.

    I’d enjoy a ‘Friends’ listing.

    Should be good synergy.


    PS – your here –

  • Adison

    Is anyone back there?

    Drop a note when you get a chance. Thanks!

  • english_student

    ^ Another one for “An”, I’m afraid.

  • Vpiano
  • generalforum

    Such a handy tool! There’s no way I’m going back to firefox now. Thanks!

  • Pietro

    Does not work for me: window shows erratically when clicking the icon.

  • Kishore

    TooManyTabs is also very good

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  • lyss@ forumsite

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I usually have that many tabs open that I start to confuse myself (I’m easily confused!), downloading it now!

  • led bulbs

    this one is great. with this, I can finally use my Chrome like Firefox

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  • Hunting Crossbow

    This is a great feature. I have seen firefox has the similar feature now.

  • Estate Agents Clapham

    This sucks. It is misrepresented and is not really an add-on. I do not recommend downloading it and I have a very hard time believing that CNET endorsed this product. This product is also a type of adware itself!