Chrome Addon: OneClick Cleaner for Chrome

As with all things that get old, your browser is probably also getting slow and laggy. If the symptoms of your browser include: loading websites slow, freezing, becoming unresponsive randomly, and taking too much time to open new tabs, this addon is the solution for you.

This addon lets you clean your Chrome browser with just one click. Check and uncheck the options you want, all laid out neatly on a page, and you’re done. Congrats, your browser is now as good as new!

Enjoy the fast browsing.


  • appcache – Clears websites’ appcache data
  • cache – Clears the browser’s cache
  • cookies – Clears the browser’s cookies modified within a particular timeframe
  • downloads – Clears the browser’s list of downloaded files (not the downloaded files themselves)
  • fileSystems – Clears websites’ file system data
  • formData – Clears the browser’s stored form data (autofill)
  • history – Clears the browser’s history
  • indexedDB – Clears websites’ IndexedDB data
  • localStorage – Clears websites’ local storage data
  • serverBoundCertificates – Should server-bound certificates be removed?
  • pluginData – Clears plugins’ data.
  • passwords – Clears the browser’s stored passwords
  • webSQL – Clears websites’ WebSQL data

Download Chrome Addon: OneClick Cleaner for Chrome

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