Chrome addon: Mouse Stroke – Mouse gestures in Chrome

Chrome doesn’t include mouse gestures by default. But thanks to this nifty addon, you can drag your mouse around the web pages to navigate back and forth and perform other tasks.

If you’re new to mouse gestures, here’s how they work. You hold down your right mouse button, then drag your mouse in certain direction – for example to left – and whatever is assigned to that particular mouse gesture will be performed, like going back to the last web page. Pretty cool, huh?

Mouse stroke also lets you define your own mouse stokes (gestures) other than the predefined ones.

Install Mouse Stroke Chrome addon here.

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  • ghencea RO

    It doesn’t work with flash sites because the right click for ex. gets the flash menu. So you have to find on the site a little zone not covered or using flash. Avantbrowser or Orcabrowser can do the mouse gesture no matter what the site is using. Maybe something can be done here.

  • ndrew

    that’s pretty cool i guess..

  • http://www, Ross

    Haha, yeah your right Trevor. I don’t believe it :)

    Nice plugin though.

  • Irina

    Some bugs found:
    1. when opening new tab, cursor isn’t in address place.
    2. also when you open new tab it is not possible to use mouse gestures any more, unless you go to some web site.

    But in generally – thanks, as soon as you start using it, it’s not possible to work with browser without this add-on.

  • Stephenopolus

    I would like to use this but during the install it tells me this plugin will have access to all my data on all websites. I can’t have that. I pay my bills and do banking online. Why should an extension of the navigation buttons have access to my data?


  • Nack

    Agree with Stephenopolus, accessing bookmarks and visited site data is SPYWARE.

  • Jack

    Agree with Stephenopolus and Nick. I want mouse gestures, but I won’t be installing spyware to get them.