Chrome Addon: Google Chrome Channel Chooser

Dev Channel: Early Access to Features and Fixes

Google Chrome publishes new releases to the Dev channel frequently. The Dev channel gives the community access to upcoming features, features in development, and the latest bug fixes. We can use feedback from Dev channel users to improve and iterate on feature ideas, and make sure that the latest features work properly before we release them to a wider audience.
The Dev channel is useful for:
  • Web developers who want to test their sites or scripts with pre-release versions of Google Chrome
  • Testers who need to make sure they’re working with the latest bug fixes
  • Anyone who wants to help make Google Chrome better — your feedback helps us turn good new features into great features, and using the Dev channel is a simple way for anyone to help.
Note: Dev channel releases are less stable than Beta channel releases. Expect the occasional “sad tab” or even browser crashes (if you turn on ‘Help make Google Chrome better..’ in Options, we’ll get the crash reports so we can fix the bugs).
Automatic updates of new Dev channel releases are published every 1-2 weeks

Subscribing to the Dev channel

  1. Download and run the Google Chrome Channel Chooser (
  2. Click the circle next to Dev.
  3. Click Update to save your choice.
  4. Click Close.
  5. In Google Chrome, click the wrench menu and choose About Google Chrome.
    Note: On Windows Vista, updates from the About box require Service Pack 1. With (the current release), on demand updates do not work in Vista SP1 if User Account Control is disabled.
  6. Click Update Now to install the current Dev channel release.
  7. Restart Google Chrome.

Chrome Addon: Google Chrome Channel Chooser

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  • Reggie

    let google chrome have an add on like piclens. THAT was a cool add on.

  • Riz

    Nice addon to keep you updated automatically.

  • Stamga

    There is a new version available for download if you want access to the latest 2 versions:

    So these are the channels that you can choose using the Chrome Channel Changer:

    -> Stable Channel: You will rarely receive updates but it is the version with the least bugs. It is the official stable Google Chrome version.

    -> Beta Channel: You will receive updates monthly, but it is less tested and may contain some bugs.

    -> Dev Channel: You will receive updates weekly, but it is not tested much, contains bugs, and may crash often.

  • Dave

    Google Chrome has incognito mode which eliminates the need for an erase history feature.

  • en666

    Button to remove download history is in the DownloadPage… obviously… :)

  • Vaelek

    On Windows 7 it says key not found that I do not have Chrome or GoogleUpdater installed.

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  • Caue Rego

    what about a way to change channels in mac?

  • metal bekleme koltukları fiyatları

    crome explorer e göre daha kullanışlı bir dizayna sahip fakat malesef gereksiz hatalar veriyor güncelleştirilirse daha verimli olacağına inanıyorum.

  • jocuri

    Nice addon, nice work!