Chrome Addon – Chrome Mailer

open mailto: email links from Google Chrome in Google Mail account (now with Google Apps!)

Google Chrome is the world’s most advanced browser, with many new technical features. We found one missing: we can’t send emails through Google Mail by clicking on mailto: links. All clicks will open up Windows’ default mail client.

So we created an application that does the above: it’s called ChromeMailer.

Download Chrome Addon – Chrome Mailer

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  • David Khieu

    There needs to be a HTML signature add on for gmail through chrome.

  • duke

    it doesnt work for me… it still goes to my windows live mail… any help??

  • ash

    Doesn’t work for me either, even after closing Chrome and trying again.

    Forget this one.

  • Vinson

    You do not need this addon. Download Google Talk. Using the “settings” tab you can set to open email links in Gmail.

  • Aubron

    You can just download the google notifier (search for it)

  • obama the racist

    forget this.. get the chromium build that is not-evil

  • Mariano

    ¿Para cuándo una herramienta similar al webmail notifier???
    Me encanta el Chrome, pero, sin esa herramienta me veo obligado a tener abiertos dos navegadores: firefox y Chrome…eso no es bueno.
    Realmente se navega muy bien y tiene funciones impresionantes. No imaginaba que pudieran superar al firefox tan rápidamente.

  • dave

    I couldn’t get it work.

  • Mario

    Is there any chance you could come up with a mail checker (for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)? I just installed Chrome and like it very much, although I still have to use Firefox to check my mail faster.


  • http://noneya melissa

    another busted add on how nice

  • dini

    yeah, i need a gmail notifier as well! please make one, i don’t want to go back to using firefox…

  • ChaCha Fance

    Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me.

  • Tod

    Works great. Life’s simple pleasures to have mail links shoot you directly into Gmail. Had trouble getting it to run and then… gasp… had to re-read the instructions. Ran the .exe from the start menu. Worked great after that. Loving it.

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  • Tom

    Works like a champ!

    1). Just download
    2). Click the Setup
    3). Look for the “short cut icon” to transfer your current default e-Mail program to Chrome and that’s it.

    Most users I think forget to do #3

  • Ukyo

    Hey Guys, just download and run this registry key:

    then execute the start menu created after downloading this addons…

    You just have to read the instructions ._.”

    hope it helps

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  • Rockylifestyle

    Nice addon… this one

  • Adison

    Could the owner contact me. We’d like to open a dialogue. Your entry is here –


  • offtopic

    Brillant addon. I’ve recently just started using Chrome and won’t be changing browsers again. So many addons to choose from!

  • Rockylifestyle

    @Tom…thanks for the tips buddy.

  • chokebreak

    service unavailable error?