Chrome Addon: AdSweep a Chrome ad blocker

Edit: AdSweep is no longer under development. You can use the other chrome adblock addon that blocks ads for real.

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  • http://none steven peavey

    I like Chrome browser, however add on’s etc are to technical.. I am only a novice geek. My primary goal is to access the internet with a browser that gives me the most flexibility and easy down load of add on’s. Chrome is too complicated for average internet surfers. If Google OS is not made KISS, {KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID},THEN YOU WILL NOT ATTRACT ALLOT OF US SIMPLE PEOPLE. KISS Google os, or kiss it good bye. It’s us stupid geeks that will make or break you OS. Hello windows, hello Fire Fox.Get the picture ???????

  • http://none steven peavey

    P. S. I wonder if any of the Google people really read this stuff. If they do, why are they trying to sabotage their own company???? I have read all the comments and it’s plane to see, Chrome is just to complicated for John Doe average computer user. If you don’t make Chrome OS simple{KISS} like Firefox,then then Chrome OS is DOA {DEAD ON ARRIVAL}….. I use Firefox with Google search and g-mail, all very good. but Chrome Browser is garbage, and one must assume that the OS modeled on Chrome browser will be garbage too. I hope you can get it right before release in 2010.

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  • alvabsas

    This add-on sucks. A real solution is adblock plus for mozilla firefox. The only reason of why i stay with that browser.

  • firefoxuser

    chrome is a fast no frills browser if they have add ons all over it that will bloat it which is what happens to firefox.
    i have started using chrome now because i keep getting memory leak issue in firefox with too many tabs open. I hope i don’t get it in chrome. But yeah ad block plus in firefox works great.

  • ES

    this add on is a waste of time i spent hours on it and this shit won’t work… better Firefox than this

  • Horst

    just to much fuss to install this addon.

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  • adam
  • musafir

    Running Win XP (Home version)

    An user of Firefox for many years, recently began trying Chrome. Like the clean, elegant look but find the ads bothersome. AdSweep is a
    joke. It was installed “successfully” but does nothing. If it requires spending time and tweaking settings. then it is not for me…don’t know enough.

    So, until google offers an user-friendly ad blocker, it is back to Firefox. If only Firefox offered the clean, simple look of Chrome!

  • Pari

    Goddddddddddddddddd.It’s too complicated to install as compared to mozilla…

  • Lakeside Techies

    This is quite an uninteresting addon, given the fact that after the ad has been loaded, CSS is used to hide it…

    no no for me

  • alex

    CSS to block ads is neat but adblock doeesnt even dl the ads, so therefore adblock rules more than this adon. use peerguardian.

  • Sarah

    Wow, to everyone that is complaining about Firefox being better:
    What are you doing on Google Chrome, then? Go back to Firefox, there are better things to do than contradict yourself.

  • Do

    AdBlock extension is better… this one seems to be a’hack’ of sorts and not really integrated into Chrome… feedback welcome as i have no idea to make something like this myself.

  • doggy12

    im runing windows7 64 bits sys. This adsweeper is awesome!!! i goes youjizz, no popup there., so far so good… i would like testing out on a major ad site, if anyone here knows name of site wit lots of ads. LOL!

  • Bobby

    The fact that in Firefox I can block any image I wanted and any content I wanted makes it priceless and impossible to throw away.
    First of all, I can’t install the programs for Chrome because I don’t have admin rights and the sites are blocked.
    Second of all, those programs don’t allow me to select whatever I want to block. Be it an image, a frame or text.
    Firefox is still the best, even with its lower speed and freeze times. Maybe they are being payed not to develop their speed because they would put all the other browsers into bankrupcy. :D

  • InterHost Webhosting

    Too bad chrome does not have a standard build in ad blocker. This comes in very handy. Also this tool does not slow down anything, very good!

  • Steven

    I think this addon may be harmful to webmasters. For us visitors, most of us still don’t hate ads.

  • Rockylifestyle

    @steven…yeah steven absolutely right.

  • jay

    this is a great ad blocker, to be sure.

    though, once i installed it (and a bunch of other extensions at the same time), my browser started to slow to a crawl after a few minutes. mostly google reader (4-10 second lag between clicks), but every other site got a hit as well. had to close and restart chrome a dozen times a day.

    finally got around to figuring out the slowdown earlier today and it was all adsweep. disabled it, restarted, and everything since has been cherry. i’m loving chrome again.

    so for now i’ve uninstalled this extension and i’m looking forward to a version that doesn’t cause so much slowdown, memory leaking, etc. shame, since adsweep does a better job than adblock or anything else. it’s just… broken.

  • hawaii4ever

    I couldn’t even download the adsweep for Chrome. There was no place to click for download.

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